FU Lower Parts Kit for G26

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  • Complete parts kit for Gen1-3 9mm Glocks (does not include frame, locking block or magazine)
  • Compatible with Polymer80 Frames and most glock style 80%

LPK Kit Includes:

  • Connector
  • Extended Slide Stop Release with Spring
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Extended Magazine Release (whichever is available)
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar

*Does not come with OEM Style G26 Slide Lock Spring. P80 uses a small coiled spring provided with all blanks

Extra Information

Freedom Unlimited

Warranty Information

We offer a limited warranty on materials and workmanship in parts that are NOT considered normal wear type items. The warranty timeline is 30-days after delivery for unassembled products and 60-days after delivery for assembled products. Therefore, normal wear items include things that are normally replaced periodically or parts that may wear out during normal use such as firing pins, extractors, and barrels. This warranty DOES NOT include ANY part that has been modified, abused, disassembled, or altered in any fashion. This includes modifying for install, painting, abuse, or taking items apart that are not normally user serviceable beyond normal field stripping, such as scopes, sights, and barreled uppers. Using Loktite or other thread locking compounds or non-standard gunsmithing tools such as a pipe wrench on parts automatically voids the warranty on those parts. Our returns department reserves the right to inspect ALL returns and determine a value, if any, for replacements and refunds. Our warranty covers defects in manufacturing and materials only. This warranty DOES NOT include dropping, hitting, abuse, use of non-standard or reloaded ammunition, parts illegally modified, and damage incurred by the user on installation, modification, assembly, or damage caused by the ammunition. If we receive something back that we find was not included in our warranty, the customer will have to pay the shipping to us and back to them or we will destroy the property and will not issue credit or a refund. If items that are returned to us arrive damaged, we will not issue a credit or refund. Due to the limited supply of product, we may not be able to replace a return or warrantied item with the exact same product. In these cases, we will substitute the item with one of the same or higher value. For more detailed info on Warranty/Returns, please check visit https://freedomunlimitedinc.com/warranty-returns-terms-and-conditions/

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Ryan on Dec 27th 2023


    Quality Kit, Heavy Trigger Pull

    Seems like a pretty good quality kit. Everything went together well. Polished everything in the trigger group and still getting around a 7 lb trigger pull. Will do some work on it to see if I can bring it down. Might be some other factors involved as well.

  • Posted by MICHAEL on Aug 16th 2023


    Lower parts

    Everything works well I did have 1 problem with the slide stop being a hair out of spec

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